Gift Card Prizes


Winner for the
$250 Cash Prize
will be announced
when ready.

Why is TMYOS giving away prizes?
We want to create a win-win story for local TMYOS members and local merchants.
TMYOS has made a choice for the members to win FREE cash prizes and also gift cards from local businesses, and merchants win because they gain you as a potencial customer.


Now how do you get a chance to win these prizes...
To Win the $Cash Prizes: When you sign up with TMYOS and choose at least 1 merchant to receive text messages from, you are automatically entered into the weekly Grand Prize drawing to win $250.  Refer others and you will receive 1 additional entry for each member you refer. * This gives you a better chance of winning the Grand Prize! The drawing will take place every Saturday of the month. Winners will be notified by email and text message, and also receive a personal phone call from TMYOS.

But here's the good part...

When you sign up once, you will always be in the drawing to win the cash prizes every month as long as you are a member of TMYOS. But keep referring others to get additional entries. Additional entries drop off every month to make it fair for everyone.

To win the Gift Cards: Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, four(4) numbers will be randomly chosen and will appear on the main page of TMYOS ( Members will need to match any two (2) of the random numbers with their ten (10) digit phone number to qualify to win the gift card. Once you know you qualify, simply log into your account and click on the "I Qualify" tab to let us know. Then you are automatically entered for that day. Members only qualify for the specific day they enter.

Every new area will have Grand Prize Winners and Gift Card Winners!

TMYOS will give away Cash Prizes and Gift Card Prizes each and every month to current areas, as well as the new areas that TMYOS will go into. That means your specific area may get gift cards that are different from the other areas.

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