Option 6

Small Personal List

Up to 25 Personal contacts

No Commercial Use

Pay Only When Used

Scheduling Feature


(per month)

Website Directory Listing Only


Option 6 - Small Personal List

Stay in contact with your employees or group with this option for 25 contacts or less.

This is for non-commercial use only and no sales promotions are allowed for this option.

This is mainly for employees and no commercial messages allowed.

Use the Group feature to put your chosen contacts into a certain group.

You can also send your message at a later date with our Scheduling Feature.




Option 6 - Price



Pricing Questions & Answers


What do I get with Option 6?
This option is for any business that has employees or contractors that they would like to be able to send any kind of schedule change or any special updates or announcements. This option is limited to only 25 contacts or less. If you have more than 25 contacts, but less than 50 contacts, then take a look at Option 7.


What about the FTC law and can-spam
Text Me Your Offers is fully aware of the regulations and have made every effort to comply with those regulations. TMYO has taken every precaution to verify the consumer is who they say they are and also the owner of the cellphone number listed at signup. This Option will not be used for any commercial activity. No sales messages will be allowed and will be cause for termination of account.




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