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Option 2 - Coupon Merchant

As a Coupon Merchant, you are listed on our directory viewed by thousands of consumers every day.

You have the option to have a coupon or not.

Your coupon can be any discount, offer, or message you want.

You also have a business information page so consumers can find out more about your business.

Upload an informative video to highlight your business specialties.





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What do I get with Option 2?
You get the benefits of the traffic that we are bringing to our site and you have the option to provide a coupon or not. You can offer a discount or any kind of special offer that you want. You do not have the text messaging platform, but you will get the views from the masses of consumers that our marketing efforts are bringing to our site. For example, if a consumer was searching for a particular restaurant to go to, if they see a coupon for business compared to a restaurant that doesn’t have a coupon, more than likely they will visit the business with the coupon. Or if you need a plumber, most people would rather use a plumber with a coupon because it will most likely be a one-time use. Just think about how people will react when they are shopping for the best deal or offer.


No Contracts & Cancel Anytime
All of our plans are month-to-month and never a contract. You can cancel anytime. You must send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so we can have a record of your cancellation. Your cancellation must be within 15 days before your next billing, otherwise it will be cancelled the next billing cycle.




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