Option 1
Exclusive Merchant
Website Directory Listing
Coupon Option
Use of TMYO List
Use of Personal List (optional)
Up to 10 Campaigns Per Month (for TMYO list only)
For Personal List-Pay Only When Used
Scheduling Feature
Business Info Page
Gift Card Give-away Donation Option


(per month)



Option 1 - Exclusive Merchant w/Personal List Option
Be seen by thousands of eager consumers as an Exclusive Merchant in our website directory.
We help you develop your list from these consumers who opt-in to receive your special offer or discount, or just any message you would like to send them.
Then we give you the vehicle to get your text or picture messages (SMS or MMS) to your TMYO List of consumers.
If you have your own personal list, you can upload that list and TMYO will verify your personal to make it SMS compliant.
You can send your special message to the TMYO List, your own Personal List, or both. You have total control on who to send your message to.
You only pay when you send to your Personal List only when you use it. If you do not send to your Personal List during the month, you do not get charged for that month.
Text Me Your OfferS also has a counter display setup for businesses who want to develop their own list. Contact TMYOS for more information regarding the “Counter Display” program.
Use the Group feature to put your chosen contacts into a certain group.
You can also send your message at a later date with our Scheduling Feature.
As an Exclusive Merchant, you have an option to include a coupon or not.
Your coupon can be any discount, offer, or message you want.
You also have a business information page so consumers can find out more about your business.
Upload an informative video to highlight your business’ specialties.
And BEST OF ALL, we make sure your contact list is TCPA Compliant! TMYOS makes sure your list is double verified and your contacts’ information is stored in our system so you can sleep at night well at night knowing you are safe from a multi-million dollar lawsuit!



Option 1 - Prices


Online Website Directory Listing & Text Messaging

 Number Of Campaigns*

Base Cost

Cost Per Additional Campaign

Total Cost

 1 $77.00    $77.00
 2  $77.00    $77.00
 3  $77.00    $77.00
 4  $77.00    $77.00
 5  $77.00    $77.00
 6  $77.00    $77.00
 7  $77.00    $77.00
 8  $77.00    $77.00
 9  $77.00    $77.00
 10  $77.00    $77.00
11* $77.00 $17.00 $94.00

* Each additional Campaign after your 10 Campaigns for the month will be $17.00 each.  A Campaign is comprised of all the text messages sent to your contacts at one time, no matter if you send to just 1 contact or 1,000 contacts.


Personal List Text Messaging

Number Of Texts

Cost Per Text

Total Cost For Texts

1 - 1,000   $5.00 
1,001 - 50,000 $0.0050 CPT 
50,001 - 100,000 $0.0049 CPT 
100,001 - 150,000 $0.0048 CPT 
150,001 - 200,000 $0.0047 CPT 
200,001 - 250,000 $0.0046 CPT 
250,001 - 300,000 $0.0045 CPT 
300,001 - 350,000 $0.0044 CPT 
350,001 - 400,000 $0.0043 CPT 
400,001 - 450,000 $0.0042 CPT 
450,001 - 500,000 $0.0041 CPT 
500,001 - 2,000,000 $0.0040 CPT 
2,000,0001+ Contact TMYO  



Pricing Questions & Answers

What’s my total cost?
Add your Exclusive Merchant Directory Listing fee to your Personal List send amount. What your fee is for being an Exclusive Merchant (+ additional sends if any) and what you use to send for your own Merchant’s List (according to the Prices chart) will be the grand total. If you don’t send to your Personal List for a particular month, then you don’t have to pay for any sends to your Personal List, just the Exclusive Merchant Directory Listing fee.


No Contracts & Cancel Anytime
All of our plans are month-to-month and never a contract. You can cancel anytime. You must send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so we can have a record of your cancellation. Your cancellation must be within 15 days before your next billing, otherwise it will be cancelled the next billing cycle.


What about the FTC law and can-spam
Text Me Your Offers is fully aware of the regulations and have made every effort to comply with those regulations. TMYOS has taken every precaution to verify the consumer is who they say they are and also the owner of the cellphone number listed at signup. We have developed our own double-verification system to protect each and every merchant who join TMYOS against any frivolous lawsuit. Once your contact is double verified, their opt-in information is timestamped and stored in our system for your safekeeping and peace-of-mind.



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