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FTC Text Spam Enforcement
on the Rise

FCC Tightens up SMS and Telemarketing Regulations

If you're thinking about starting an SMS Marketing Campaign, you better

read the headlines and make sure you're following certain guidelines

Jiffy Lube Text Message Spam Lawsuit Settled for $47 Million, New Class Action Lawsuits Allege Huffington Post, Dell Inc. Committed Similar Violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act


Four things marketers can learn from the Papa John's $250m SMS spam lawsuit

Update: Papa John’s Agrees to $16.5M Text Spam Class Action Settlement

Or even if you’re a small local business, like a plumber in Seattle…

Plumbing company facing lawsuit over spam text messages—


Your business isn’t safe from lawsuits from sue-happy, frustrated, and just plain forgetful people ... unless you’re working with a company that has your best interest in mind.

Keep Your SMS Marketing Campaign Safe From Lawsuits By Using Text Me Your OfferS’ Free Double Verification System.

With Text Me Your OfferS SMS Marketing platform, you’re protected from any lawsuit because we will allow you to send out a text message only after it’s been double verified. First, we verify your contact through their cellphone number, then we have them electronically sign their name and we keep all this confidential information in our system database for your protection.


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Lawsuits happen even to the local businesses, not just major corporations...


Beacon Plumbing Faces More Than $20 Million in Potential Penalties for Spam Text Messages


$15M Settlement Reached in Life Time Fitness TCPA Class Action Lawsuit

(Just 2 complaints initiated this lawsuit)


So which SMS Marketing company should you use that will make sure

With Text Me Your OfferS' Double Verification Platform, You can Sleep Well At Night Knowing You Be Hit With A $Million Dollar Lawsult in The Morning!


Once you join Text Me Your OfferS as a Merchant, you select the Option that best fits your needs:

Option 1 - Exclusive Merchant

Option 2 - Coupon Merchant

Option 3 - Directory Merchant

Option 4 - Merchant’s List Only

Option 5 - Non-Profit Organization / Community Group

Option 6 - Small Personal List

Option 7 - Large Personal List


Guaranteed Lowest Prices!!!

We will Meet or Beat any other SMS Marketing prices out in the market. If you find any prices lower than ours, contact us and once verified, we will match their price plus

For Options 1-5, TMYOS will make it mandatory for every contact on your list to be verified before you can send one text message to that contact. That contact must complete this process:


1. Verify they are the owner of the cellphone being used by confirming a text message sent to that cellphone.
2. Confirming that text message binds them to the Terms & Conditions that they agree to receive your text messages.
3. That contact must electronically sign their name.

This information is time stamped and then stored in our database for safe-keeping. If any lawyer or regulating
agency were to bring any legal action arising from any of these contacts, TMYOS will show them all the
necessary documents to stop further legal action.

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