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 Keyword List Option

 This option allows you to build your own list using a counter-top display, table tent cards, or flyers.

This gives you the opportunity to capture your customers' cellphone number while they are at your location.  Whether your business is a restaurant, coffee shop, bicycle shop, salon, or even a church, you'll be able to get your customers to opt-in immediately and capture their information to your opt-in list.

You can also send an immediate response to their text by giving them a free item, a discount, or whatever you can think of that'll reward them for opting in.

We'll have some ideas for you in your back office once you've joined.



 Key Benefits to this option:

  • You are creating your own list
  • The money is in the list, you are creating money for your business
  • Our platform to do all this is super easy to set up
  • Our prices are unbeatable!


Who Is This For

 Any business or organization who want their customers to opt-in right on the spot.

  • Restaurants
  • Salons
  • Coffee Shops
  • Health Clubs - Gyms
  • Tennis Shops
  • Golfing Range
  • Churches
  • Sports Teams
  • Schools
  • etc.



 Compared to another company that we know of that has a similar setup, we are by far less expensive.  Their initial setup fee is over $1,000 and their monthly fee is about $500.

The one-time setup fee consists of setting up a local phone number that your customers will text message to.  We then take your logo and pictures that you send us and our graphics team will create several examples that you can select, print out, and use.  

One-Time setup fee....................................  $147.00

For all Exclusive Merchants (Option 1)......  $37.00 per month

For all other Options...................................  $47.00 per month


Suggested display options:  

  • Slanted acrylic flyer holder, typically 8.5"x11"
  • Table Tents
  • Flyers



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