How Does Text Me Your OfferS Work?

Text Me Your OfferS is free to join.  Once you join, you will be able to choose from hundreds of merchants to receive their special offer or discount.

There are times in a day or week when your local retail store has an overstock of certain items, or maybe the restaurant you love just happens to have a lot of extra spaces for a few more hungry eaters, or how about your local café wanting to give you a free sample of their newest café latte… whatever the specials are, they want you to know about it ASAP.  That’s the beauty of text messaging, it gets the word out to you the fastest way possible. 

Don’t be that person who missed out on a great deal!

We've broken down the entire U.S. into 316 local areas that will have cash sweepstakes and gift card give-aways.  When we have enough participating merchants in your specific area, then the sweepstakes will begin. You can see how the gift card give-away will work by looking at the homepage.

And here's how the $250 weekly sweepstakes will work.  Once you’ve signed up and selected just one merchant to receive offers from, you are entered into a drawing to Win the weekly Grand Prize of $250.  And you will continue to be entered for a chance to win every week thereafter.  Refer others and get even more entries and a better chance of winning.


Follow These Simple Steps:

  Sign Up… It’s FREE!  Click on the Join Now button and fill out your information.  Follow the directions of our 2-step verification process. This is important because we want to make sure you are the owner of the cellphone that's going to receive the text messages.

  Log in and select a your state, county, and then city where you’d like to see offers from. Then select the category, and then click on the box next to the merchant you'd like to receive text messages from.

  Now you’re ready to receive offers and discounts right on your cellphone when the merchants sends them out.

  You’ve also received one entry for a chance to Win $250 for this week and every week thereafter.

  Get a better chance to Win the $250 weekly Cash Prize by referring others by giving them your Username as the referred by person.

  Your first entry will always keep you in the drawing for the $250 Prize every week.  But each week you’ll need to refer others to get the extra entries.


Why does Text Me Your OfferS give you prizes for free?

We want to create a win-win story for local TMYOS members and local merchants. TMYOS has made a choice for the members to join for FREE, win FREE cash prizes and also gift cards from local businesses. Our merchants win because they gain you as a potential customer.

How do you get a chance to win these prizes?

When you sign up with TMYOS and choose merchants to receive a text message from, you are automatically entered into the weekly cash prize drawing! Refer others and you will receive one additional entry for each member you refer. Winners will be notified by email & text message.

Once you sign up, you will always be entered to win the cash as long as you are a member of TMYOS.

Want to help a local Charity in need?

As TMYOS grows, we feel it is our responsibility to give back to the community. TMYOS Members will be able to recommend local charities of their choice. Then the members will collectively choose the local Charity for that Month to receive 10% of our net profits.

What? You don’t receive text messages...

Members can check out our printable coupon section from those merchants that may not be suited to text advertising.




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