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Winners for the
$500, $250, $100 Cash Prizes
will be announced
December 1,2014.

How to Win the Weekday Gift Cards

On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, 4 digits will be randomly chosen and shown on the main page at

If 2 of the 4 digits match the 7 digits of your phone number (do not count the area code),then you qualify to win the gift card for that day. For example, if 1-2-3-4 are the 4 digits selected, and your phone number is 205-3400, you qualify because you have 2 of the numbers. If your phone number is 985-5678, you do not qualify because none of the numbers in your phone number match any of the 4 digits chosen.

If you qualify, simply Log into your account, select the 'I Qualify' tab, and click on the 'I Qualify' button. You will be automatically entered for the gift card drawing for that day.

Winners will be contacted by text, email, or phone call. If you do not respond immediately, you will have 1 hour to respond or you will forfeit your Gift Card.

Winners can also claim their Gift Card by sending an email with their name to

Gift Card Contest Rules

  1. By entering, winners agree to these rules.
  2. To qualify, you must have at least 2 matching numbers from the 4 randomly chosen digits on your 7 digit phone number (area code not counted).
  3. To enter, you must be a member of Text Me Your Offers.
  4. In Order to be eligible to win, you must log into your account and click on the 'I Qualify' button.
  5. Winners must be able to be contacted by text message, email, or phone call.if you do not respond immediately, you will have approximately 1 hour to respond. If you do not respond within the alloted time, you will forfeit your winnings.
  6. For promotional purposes, winners agree to allow a picture taken of them by Text Me Your Offers, Inc. Or a picture can be sent to
  7. Winners agree to allow Text Me Your Offers, Inc. to use of their first name, last name, initial, and the city they are from to be listed on the winners page on the website.
  8. Use of name and picture will be for promotional purposes and no monetary compensation will be given.

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