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Charity Program

Text Me Your OfferS, Inc. believes in helping the community in every way possible.

The neighborhood you live in depends on every person to do their part in making their environment the best it can be.

So TMYOS would like to do their part in giving back to the local community by helping your favorite organization, any worthwhile cause, or individual. An organization can be any group that you can think of, whether it be your local church, Boys and Girls Club, or youth sports team, it doesn’t matter. Or if you know of an individual in need that could use some help, that is okay too.

To be able to nominate and vote, you must be a member by going to the JOIN NOW page and select the CONSUMER icon. Once you're a member, log into your account, click on the ‘Charity’ tab, and nominate that group or individual by submitting the necessary information and then click on ‘Submit’. We will then put that entity into the monthly entries for members to vote on.

Tell your friends to do the same and the group or individual with the most votes will get a Free donation from Text Me Your OfferS, Inc.’s non-profit organization.


  to see the Charity Contest Winners for your specific area.   

Charity Contest Rules

1. By entering, winners agree to these rules.

2. To nominate and vote for an entity, you must be a member of Text Me Your OfferS.

3. Winners must be able to be contacted by text message, email, or phone call. If they do not respond immediately, they will have approximately 24 hours to respond. If they do not respond within the allotted time, they will forfeit their chance to get the donation and the entity with the second highest votes will be contacted.

4. For promotional purposes, winners agree to allow a picture to be taken of them by Text Me Your OfferS, Inc. Or a picture can be sent to winners@textmeyouroffers.com. 

5. Winners agree to allow Text Me Your OfferS, Inc. to use of their entity name, or first name, last name initial, and the city they are from to be listed on the WINNERS page on the website.

6. Use of name and picture will be for promotional purposes and no monetary compensation will be given.

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